12 December 2009

Knee Hugger Elves!!

Today I'm sharing every one's favorite, the Christmas "knee hugger" elf. (See if you can you find them in the photo above?) Who doesn't love the "knee hugger" Christmas elf? They started appearing on our Christmas trees in the late 1950's and changed our trees to be "cute + fun".

I'm fond of the rare cloth knee hugger but majority of collectors adore the classic kitschy impish plastic face knee hugger (below).

And if you are trying to get a knee hugger bargain on Ebay, it's impossible. You will have to fight to get just one. When I list them in Shop 66 they all disappear like magic.

Here are some of my favorite knee huggers:
Trio of large, cloth knee huggers.
Another large knee hugger, different style of face. By Herman Pecker.
Trio of little cloth pixie knee huggers.
Pixie-ish knee hugger.
Googly eyes knee hugger.
Knee hugger on a cushion!
Pinocchio-like knee huggers by Herman Pecker.
And finally, a NEW, HANDMADE cloth knee hugger by Boopsie Daisy.


Jacqueline said...

I bought up quite a few of these for $1 each at an antique mall, brought them back and sold them in a antique show case I have and made so much profit it was crazy...they went like flap jacks on a Saturday morn. I don't always comment but I always try to peek at your goodies. I would buy from you but I don't have a pay pal. Money order okay? You can come to my blog at Once Upon a Fairyland and comment!

Hugs said...

When I wa a child, we had the knee huggers that are displayed in your first picture above. I hadn't thought about those in years. You just brought back a fond memory. I wonder what happened to our old set of them. I will have to ask my Mother.

Hugs said...

Oops, sorry I meant to say when I WAS a child.....

steely*elf said...

I just love all of your collections, the stuff in your shop and of course, your flickr stream. I can always count on smiling when I visit.

Every year around Thanksgiving, I hide three knee-huggers throughout the house for my son to find. I never remind him or ask him if he has found them. I simply wait for him to discover the first and so it goes. Just a little tradition we enjoy.