10 December 2009

Knickerbocker Gingerbread Plush

Here is my super cute vintage Gingerbread couple by Knickerbocker (circa 1960's). I found this pair two years ago when I was doll hunting. I had to make them mine because I was one of the many children from that era that had one. I named mine "Gingie". He was a newer edition from 1970 but was still soft, cuddly, cute and loveable (photos below).

Today my Gingerbread came out to play because my friend, Linda, posted her vintage Gingerbread plush on Flickr. I also went and searched Flickr and discovered others who had or have the same Gingerbread Knickerbocker plush dolls. I discovered lots of other vintage gingerbread men and fantastic vintage inspired gingerbread dolls, houses and etc. So I immediately started a brand new Flickr group:
Vintage Gingerbread


Folksie Linda said...

It's amazing how much we are alike.. i really think i am your long lost sister..I am your bigger sister and you are my baby sister!! i always wanted a baby sister and now i have one!!!

Hugs said...

I have a Gingerbread Folk collection and I am trying so hard not to be jealous of your wonderful find. I actually remember those! Of course I was just a wee thing way back then. LOL