11 December 2009

All the Little (Vintage Christmas) Animals!

Now that all my vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations are out and displayed, I can share my collection in detail. In addition to many requests to see things up close, I get asked "What do you keep?" because I sell so many cute things in Shop 66. I hope this helps answer the question.

Today I'm sharing my favorite vintage, made in Japan, Christmas animal ornaments. The few I've kept are all special to me in one way or another. Teddy, Pandy and Pup (above) are my favorite in the category of cute and FUN! I love this trio.

The Raccoons. They remind me of my ferrets, especially Meiko & Milo.
A Gang of Mice. Each hold little candles. All felt with flat bodies.
Poseable mice. They were popular and I find them often. I have a few favorites.
More mice with poseable tails and chubby little bodies.
The Lions. A rare find. I love their fuzzy manes.
Squirrels! I find them often but tattered. :(
And last, a kooky Tiger in bright colors.


icandy... said...

How sweet! I just adore the trio of mice and the little squirrels... reminds me of the decor from when I was a wee little girlie! My Grandmom used to decorate with little cuties like that! :)

Folksie Linda said...

Oh how cute Gretchen! I love the little teddy bear, panda and doggie.. well i love them all.. i have a little mousie from your shop.. these are so adorable.. thank you for sharing and look forward to more of your sweet collection!!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

They are all so adorable!