10 January 2010

5 days in Snapshots

I've been a busy girl + still dealing with Kidney issues (with a capital K - because that sounds more important). Anyway, here's the last five days in photos. (Above is just ABBA - I love their fantastic costumes - especially the cat shirt/dresses.)

The Valentine's Pixies are out!

New Shop 66 products.

Me with straightened hair. Crazy!

My new gig... Teaching Carolina! The shop just started helping.

And finally Meiko!


Joyce's Daughter said...

Love the pictures! I think I am going to have to play some ABBA while I'm stitching today!
It was so nice getting to me you in the shop. I hope you are feeling better soon!
- Rhonda

Jacqueline said...

Abba, what a awesome memory! I'm going to take time today on my day off to peek at your shop!
I'm not sure whats going on with the kidney issue but I'm going to start praying for you. Loved seeing your smiling face. If you go to my blog today, you'll see me and my furry friends!
Hey, yesterday I saw re-make dolls of the old Flatsy dolls! Never as good as the orginals but still cute. I am a Liddle Kiddle collector, do you ever find those?