18 April 2010

BIG News: Goodbye Doll Room...

I have news my Shop 66 friends... VERY BIG news that I've been keeping quiet the past few weeks and it's now time to share with you. I'm moving back to my home town, Pasadena/L.A. (California), in the very near future. And since I'm now past grieving and accepting the loss of my current Doll Room and anticipating the move, I've started packing. Are you ready to start this new adventure with me? Because I plan to share some of it here.

But DO NOT WORRY!! Shop 66 is not going bye-bye! Shop 66 is coming along too and will only be quiet (closed) a few months, mid-summer through early fall (approximately). I'll also be parting with excess so before Shop 66 is relocated, it will fill with fantastic things. (Hooray!)

Always remember, dreams can come true!


♥zoe♥ said...

All The beat sweetie! I am thrilled looking at your wonder doll room!

Folksie Linda said...

what,what,what!!!! And you didn't tell your older sister? I want an e-mail Gretchen!!! I am so excited for you but i want to know what's going on? Hugs, Linda

tracey-leigh [...tl xo] said...

oh dolly room gone nighty night??? so sad :{

always LOVE reading your blog :}

waving at u,