07 April 2010


Time has come for me to do a MAJOR clean out of my collection. I'm now ready to part with many things no one would ever image I'd part with. Because you see, I've been collecting fiendishly for the past several years to help fulfill a life long dream of mine. And yes, it's still a secret, known to only a few, but some day I'll reveal to you. All I know is it's time and I'm finally ready... so starting today I will be listing fantastic things in Shop 66 (Etsy shop).

Also, to be fair, there are no reserves on some dolls and payment is due immediately. If this criteria applies, it will noted in the flickr preview and the listing.

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A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Your blog is colorfully delicious! So glad I found you! I'm instantly happy just looking at the loveliness on your blog!