12 May 2013

All the Moms

This Mother's Day I'm sharing some photos of all the beautiful Mothers that make me 'Me'. 

Above is my Great Grandmother Georgianna.
Below is my Grandmother Eunice.

This is Eunice and Henry (my Grandfather).

This is Suzanne ("Suzy") my Mom.

Below is my Mom holding baby me and my sister, Katie.

My Mom had four children, Scott, Katie, Jenny and me.
(That's little me wearing fancy patterned pants.)

And then I became a Mom to my daughter, Samantha, in 1986.

And now she is all grown up!!

Well sort of.

She has cared for all sorts of babies!!!

But very soon...

this will change!

Because my girl is having a baby GIRL in late July!


Happy Mother's Day to all the precious Moms!!

xo xo

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