10 May 2013

I Love Wood Toys

I love wood toys. And since I'm in the middle of a few projects I'm going to just give you a little show and tell of the marvelous things I have in my present collection. 

Above is my prize toy - a Soviet era wood stacking bunny.

Below are my newest additions. The chicken paddle board was $0.50 (one hen is missing her head). The Dutch puzzle was only $2.00!

And I added this cute pair of giraffes below because I was so happy to visit the the new baby giraffe, Sophie, at the Los Angeles Zoo on Tuesday (see my Instagram photo!). Read more about her here.

Finally, what's the deal with the grand opening of my friend's shop? Well I'm happy to say we will launch this weekend. I'm working right now on the final edits/details, photos and additions.



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