30 May 2013

Happy Little Books & Games

 Just a little Show n' Tell tonight of happy little books & games. 

Above is a favorite puppet storybook (and currently one of very few I have in my collection now). I love the chenille Ara animals. Remember my old collection of Ara animals? (I do miss them. Click the link to see them.)

Below are some games in my collection. I love picture games and of course anything felt.

And since a new little person will be part of my life soon, I've been happily purchasing small board books. (Above are some of my favorites.) Grandma Gretchen's house should be memorable, right?

My Grandmother Dorothy also lived in a tiny cozy apartment. I was always in love with it so I looked so forward to visiting her. She had an amazing closet full of great toys and always little tins of sweets. This obviously had an influence on me... because here I am living practically in her old neighborhood in a tiny house and yes, I have an amazing collection of toys and I always have sweets. 

Here is me and my big sister, Jenny, in her tiny cozy apartment about 1971.

And the last treat of the night is the cool things inside two other fuzzy felt games/toys I have: Bunny's Party and Noddy. 

Good night!

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