01 June 2013

Piggy Banks!

A couple years ago me and my boyfriend, Bob, were on the hunt for a piggy bank. (Because it's a great place to save extra dollars and coins.) It seemed simple enough, right? We hunted all over Los Angeles - in big box retailers (Target, TJ Maxx, etc.) and local thrift shops and boutiques/shops and even Little Tokyo and came up with nothing. We found lots of other types and styles of banks, but no classic 'piggy' banks.
Fast forward to now and it's completely opposite. I find them everywhere and already they are donated to thrift shops. Above are a few in my collection; (from left to right) Pig 1 is a big guy I found thrifting for $2.00, Pig 2 is an Italian pig my Mom found and gave to me as a gift, Pig 3 was a steal at $1.50 at Daiso Japan, and finally, Pig 4 is my newest, I found this little piggy thrifting this past week for only $2.50.

As you can see, they come in all sizes and styles. Here are some more I love on Etsy (with links):

I love this pig's hat.

Simple cute piggy.


Faux wood
I used to have the set!


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