13 June 2013

Guardian Gretchen

If you follow me on social media you might notice some reoccurring kids in my photos. They are likely to be Dade or Charles. I am sort of an as-needed guardian / babysitter / shadow to both of them.
For the most part, it's just hanging out with me when Mom (or Dad) are out or busy.

Dade is my friend Julie's son. Julie is the Special Needs Pastor of my church, manages many events and has lots on her plate. So when she feels Dade needs some supervision or a 'shadow' during an event or class, it's me.  Dade is super smart and full of good energy. I tell Julie that I'm honored he likes to hang with me.

Charles is my close friend Debbie's son (yes, forourhouse Debbie). Charles is Debbie's youngest and the only child still living at home. When his parents have plans and his older brothers and sisters are not available, it's me that comes over to hang out. Sometimes I ask Charles to just tag along with me to places I go.

The hardest part is some day they'll be all grown up and will not need 'Guardian Gretchen'.

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