21 June 2013

Happy Busy Bee

I'm a very (happy) busy bee. I've been on the go non-stop for a week now. 

So here's a little sharing via photos.

We drove west at sunset for our friends wedding and reception at Golf n' Stuff in Ventura. Do I really need to explain how amazing it was?

Pinball, pirate ships, castles and race cars, oh my!

Work work work! Here I am smirking as I show my boss, Liza, her new yellow office walls 
(painted while she is out of town).

I was so tired that night (since the previous night's sleep was so short) I ate part of a sandwich and then left it all night on my desk.

S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity) Day for the special needs parents and children at my Church. The parents get a break while we have a day of fun. 

It was water play day too. I got soaked. (Yes, that's Dade using the hose.)

And here is Dade making sand art.

Organize and box all the extra treasures around my tiny house, then tackle a mountain of laundry! (You'll find out why the rush soon.)
I was at the laundromat for hours and hours and hours.

After laundry I had lunch and fun with my sister, Katie, and my brother-in-law, Kevin who were in town for a few days before flying to China on vacation.
Of course we stopped by Daiso!

Our visit had to be short because I had to sleep early to prepare for the next day....

I woke up very, very, very early to take the train to start my new job as File Clerk at a downtown Los Angeles law firm! I have my own office, in a nice building in the heart of downtown. 

 Here's my new building.

Now I wake before sunrise to take the train to be the first arrival at the firm 
(and the first to exit early afternoon). 

My blog posts may be fewer as I adjust to this busy schedule but do not worry, I'm sure they will be much longer.  Oh the things you see in Los Angeles!

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Kitsch and Curious said...

Congratulations and good luck on your new job!