23 June 2013

Hanging Around My House

Once I had the most impressive  and amazing wall of little dolls, ornaments, mascots and other hanging things (above). Yes, it was stunning! I'm sure you agree.

And I guess I miss it more than I admit because I am slowly collecting hanging mascots and ornaments without really knowing I'm collecting them. They hang around various places in my house and today as I was gathering them for photos I realized I have a new little collection (below).

And I had to add this adorable child's basket purse from China.

Have a happy week!


superminx said...

I love all these things. They are so gorgeous and your photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

samantha said...

That basket purse! There's been one hanging at the salvation army by my house for forever but the animals on it are real shoddy - not in a pleasing way. I still pick it up every time.