19 February 2008

New Bargains Section and New Items Debut

Sometimes I list an uninteresting item or the price is just not right and it does not sell and many times I find or have an item I think you'll like but it's "as is" or just not the quality I feel the Shop should represent, soooooooooo I've created a new section in my Shop:

This section will always separate these reduced items or things that have lingered for more than a few weeks in the Shop or "as is" stuff for FANTASTIC prices! "As is" stuff will be important to watch for! Right now I have about a dozen mildly bruised and smashed little kewpie dollies and I think they might be of interest to the right person! I also have various little figurines and dollies that need a new home and some TLC.

New Items Debut!!

I have several new creatively packaged, creative items I'll be debuting in the next couple of days, including:

Super Mini Jar of Charms (see sample below)

Tin of Vintage Diecuts

Tiny Tin of Mini Appliques

I also will be having a designated day and time each week for the best of my vintage or OOAK or rare items very, very soon!! I'm still working on the time but I'll keep you informed. I might consider having two different times because you all live all over the world and in almost every time zone! Please email me or comment if you have any suggestions! :)

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