01 June 2008

Poseable Life and Today's Shop 66 Additions

After resting yesterday I was wide awake by 3:00 am! And my creative wheels were turning! I played for a while with Flickr toys and made the fake magazine cover above. It also got my mind thinking about my passion for "Zines" - I love creating them! and it's time to start creating them again. So very soon I'll be introducing my new mini zine!! Can you guess what it will be about?

Below is a sneak peek of today's Shop 66 additions! There's lots of cool stuff including vintage 80's erasers, Kamar plush, wood toys and a few surprise dolls. I'll be uploading them throughout the today and tonight!

It's almost 100 degrees here and extremely humid! It's June 1 -- summer is here! :D


Image Tricks said...

Poseable Dolls, cute fake magazine cover.

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Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

:( Oh ... soo sad I missed the mod bendy pose dolly. Love her outfit!!

gmoss said...

So sorry...she did go to one of our favorite Posey friends though! :D

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Can't wait for the 'zine!