22 July 2008

Time Off

I'm taking the rest of day and evening off to get some rest. I'll be back in the morning to have a productive Wednesday! I've got lots of shipping, inventory, and other shop responsibilities to take care off. See you tomorrow! :D


boopsiedaisy said...

What a sweet little drawing! I hope you thoroughly enjoy this very well deserved day off, hun. Hope a good back rub & nice hot bath is on the itinerary, too. I wish it could've begun with me somehow finding a way to bring you breakfast in bed... or to have shown up there suited in some cute little retro milkman-like Shop 66 uniform armed with a list of 'chores' to tackle (like box, ship, take stock) while you laid there & just stretched & smiled & happily crafted the day away. Most of all though I hope your pain is not too bad today. All my love to you Gretchen!

gmoss said...

Thank U. (That is a vintage drawing - would love to have drawn something like that myself - but no - just one of the cool graphics on some origami paper I found.)