21 October 2008

Our Toys and Play Things

I asked my Mom to send me some photos with toys from our childhood. Interesting thing is she sent me all photos before I was born (the early 60's). Though I wasn't around yet, most of the toys in the photos I touched and played with as they were passed down or shared with me. Above is the Playhouse. It was precious and moved with us when we moved. Here's some of my other favorite photos.

The doll is this stroller is "Peter" he was well loved and the main baby doll of all our play.
I'm not sure I knew this fuzzy, plastic face doll in my brother's lap but I sure wish I had.
The bouncy horse was around for a very long time. I remember it well.
I do not remember all these cool cars and trucks. They're super cool.
One of many Schwinn bicycles we had.
That's all for today. I have a few more I'll share later in the week.
Tonight I'm taking a little time off from new shop additions. I've not been feeling well for a few days and need some rest. Look for new items to be added very soon - I'm hoping tomorrow night. :)

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Folksie Linda said...

We still have our jumpy horse!!!