16 August 2009

Part II: Studio / Work / Ferret Room

Yay! I'm now almost finished with the Studio / Work / Ferret room cleanup! All I have left is my "Inventory Mountain". You can't tell, but I even reorganized every drawer, cabinet and box in this room. Everything is in it's place! So refreshing.

Above photo shows my "Inventory Mountain".

Anyone need some wood parts? :) These are wood parts I've been collecting for a few years. Some day I hope to use them.

While sorting through mementos, I opened up this box of my Mexican Folk Art collection. They all fit in super cool wall curio cabinet. Some day I'll hang it up.

I've discovered I love art so much, I have too much. Here's a whole container of wonderful prints and original art. If I win the lottery, I want a house with huge walls so I can display it all.

I unwrapped a few family photos. This is my daughter! I think it's on her 1st birthday. She was so cute!! (She turns 23 next week.)

This is my first ferret, Sebastian! My husband bought him for me in Denver in 1990. You never forget your first (furry) love!!

I have a couple more days to get through inventory (and some mementos) sorting and I'll be done. (Then I have to attack my two hallway storage closets - fortunately, they are small and they just need straightening up.) Yay... again!!

And now I leave you with my sleeping ferrets!

(and make sure your read today's early post "Buttons" the Doll)

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