01 September 2009

Everyone Loves...Elephants!

Today I share with you a doll room favorite...Elephants!! Loveable, huggable vintage elephants! Here's the few that are in my collection.

An adorable light pink 1950's plush, stuffed "fancy" pet, (like a dream pet). Made in Japan.

A super cool bobblehead elephant! Fully dressed with a fuzzy head. Made in Japan, 1960's.

Another cute bobblehead but a "Josef Original" design. Circa 1970's.

A Kamar flower print plush elephant! A big guy but I love him. 1960's, made in Japan.

A rare "flicker" eyes fancy/dream pet style elephant. He's so cool. Made in Japan, 1960's.

A little wood elephant! Danish, 1970's.

An cute elephant decal by Meyercord!

A "Loveable Ugly" elephant from the 1960's. Made by Dam - the company that made Trolls.

And finally, a little chenille elephant riding a Vespa scooter! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!

See more elephants and Shop past elephants here: Shop 66 Elephants

1 comment:

sez said...

A venerable collection! (It needed a big elephant-like word, even though the meaning's probably a little off LOL). The one with the vespa is just magnificent :)